Terms & Conditions

1. Upon pre-ordering of goods, customers must provide a valid contact name, phone number and address for collecting/delivery goods.

2. Pre-ordered goods must be collected within 7 days. Inflated helium gas balloon must be collected on the scheduled time and date, otherwise no exchange or refund.

3. Customers must present this complete original invoice upon collection of the goods. In any cases of invoice is loss or damage, please contact Mini Party as soon as possible.

4. Final product of balloon 's size/ height may be slightly different from photo.

5. All personal information gathered by Mini Party shall be used in the purpose of your order but may be kept for future promotional events by ourselves.

Product Exchange Regulations

1. Effective receipt is needed for product exchange within 7 days after purchase.

2. Refund Policy is not available.

3. Products can be exchanged provided that the products are in new with sealed packing, however, only once.

4. The difference will not be returned if the price of the exchange item is lower than the original one.

5. Any inflated balloon cannot be exchanged.

6. Mini Party reserves the right for final decision.

Delivery Service

1. Mini Party will try our best to delivery on scheduled time and location. Due to unpredictable traffic conditions we are unable to guarantee that we will meet your requested timeframe. You must allot approx 1 hour timeframe for our delivery.

2. Any change in delivery/ pick up date & time must be made at least 2 working days before the scheduled delivery/pick up date.

3. During the T8 or BLACK rainstorm warning is issued, all deliveries will be suspended. Mini Party will deliver the order 2 hours after the warning signal is cancelled or the next working day if the cancel time is after 6pm.

4. Once delivery has been made at the given address, it is no longer the responsibility of Mini Party. Please make sure named receiver is at the address at the time of delivery.

5. If there is any dispute, Mini Party reserves the rights for final decision.                     

Balloon Notice

1. Float time is estimated and cannot be guaranteed. External factors like Temperature will affect the float time.

2. Latex balloon last 6-8 hours because helium gas will leak through the surface of the latex balloon. All latex balloons will be inflated on the day of your event and cannot be refilled.

3. Avoid extreme temperature, as it will dramatically shorten floating times. A foil balloon can appear deflated in cold air, but will expand again when warmed up.

4. Do not expose foil balloons to extreme heat or they will burst.